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Geometry Defense is a classic style tower defense game where you must build a maze to slow enemies. Clash with enemies who will try to destroy your base. Utilize a vast array of tactics to defeat them - poison them with goo, melt them with lasers, burn them, zap them, or freeze them!

This is not an idle TD - along with your towers you will need to use your active abilities to stop the geometric foes!
Permanently upgrade your towers and abilities in the research lab so you can take on greater challenges with even greater rewards.

★ Current Features ★

• 15 Tower types with 3 upgrade levels.
• 8 Elemental damage types.
• 8 Player abilities.
• 8 Unique enemies to battle.
• 4 Boss types.
• Research tree with tons of upgrades.
• Google Play Games and Game Center integration (50 Achievements and 7 Leaderboards).
• Cloud Save (Android & iOS).

★ Game Modes ★

• Campaign - 50+ Levels with 3 difficulties to choose from.
• Endless Mode - Infinite/Incremental waves with a variety of configurations.

★ Roadmap ★

The game is actively supported and I plan to bring "more" of everything to you in the future to make this the best tower defense game.


The best place to discuss the game and its development is in the Official Zebec Games Discord server found here: https://discord.gg/3cptFMB


Join the Discord server or contact support@zebecgames.com if any bugs/issues are encountered.






Reddit - r/GeometryDefense
Twitter - @ZebecGames
Facebook - @GeometryDefenseTD

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An update for anyone looking for the PC version. I just pushed the mobile update for 1.3 which took longer than I expected. I am actively working on PC tweaks.

*EDIT* I want this release to be done properly so I've applied for a code signing certificate. I will not release until I have an installer/code signature in place. No DRM for the itch.io release. I will be ready to go as soon as I get the cert. Thanks all!

*EDIT of the EDIT* Still waiting on the cert. Hoping it won't take much longer...

this isnt available on windows and that makes me sad :(

(1 edit)

If you mean Windows as in PC then the good news is that I already have it available on PC/Mac/Linux as the game is made with Unity. It does not have a proper UI/options though. What I will do is add some basic options for resolution and things like MSAA/texture filtering then make it available here DRM free. I can then work on adding shortcuts to the menus and adding the option to override key-binds in a later update.

I am in the middle of a localization update so I'd guess (lol) that I can have it up here in a couple of days.

Thanks for showing interest! Stay tuned...

ok thanks! :)

Sorry, way more time than I expected has passed. I have been trying to obtain a code signing certificate so that my installer will not be flagged by Windows Defender. I may release it before then as an alpha/beta so at least I can get some feedback.

it's ok you don't need to apologise. Things happen in game development.


Huh? I assume that was an accident. Have you tried my game yet? =)

no but I want to

(1 edit)

Haha, is there a reason you cannot? Edit: If you are looking for it on PC/Linux/Mac I can make that available if there is interest. Probably EA with mobile UI for now until I can add a proper PC version.